Make Firefox and Firefox Development Edition running together (64-Bit)

After upgrading my Firefox and Firefox Development Edition to 64-Bit, i was no longer able to start them at the same time. Trying this will result in a message like "Firefox is already running but not responding".

Today i found the solution on the Mozilla support page - but only inside the google cache, because the topic is no longer available for some reason, so i publish it this way again.

The solution is to use different profiles for each Firefox. To do this you have to create a second profile and add a custom shortcut and link directly to the second profile via the -P (= Profile) parameter.

Here we go (just for Windows - see links beyond to get help for other systems):

  1. Create a second Firefox profile
    1. Press WIN+R and type: "firefox -ProfileManager" - hit enter.
    2. Create a new Profile (i create a new profile for the DEV Edition), as i can say it's not nessesary to choose a folder manually, simply click next.
    3. Create a shortcut to the FF Dev EXE (which is typicaly located under "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" or "C:\Program Files\Firefox Developer Edition", which one you have to choose depends on the Firefox edition you want to use your new profile with)
    4. In the target field add the -P parameter, example: "C:\Program Files\Firefox Developer Edition\firefox.exe" -P "" (in this case including all quotes!)

For more detailed informations see:





Weiterführende URL's 

  1. Mozilla Support Page (via Google Cache)

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