Typesetter CMS: Create a reusable object, structured with page manager

Let's say you want to add a "call to action"-section beyond the content which is usable inside the template.

Smart Sticky Sidebar via hcSticky

If you ever need to have a sticky sidebar, which has a variable height, which is working well with a footer region, without having a second scrollbar ... try

Trying to build this with waypoint.js or something, is pain in the ass. This great library finished the job in < 5 minutes.

Smooth scrolling anchor links and hash url's - also base tag fix

This solution is also very usefull on pages with -Tag. Sometimes the basetag will make anchor links not working properly anymore (redirecting to the base url).

Typesetter Documentation

As the Typesetter documentation currently lacks a lot of informations, i will share some further things here.

(Known) Javascript Callbacks SectionAdded SectionCopied (Unclear - looks like only SectionAdded fired if a section is copied) SectionRemoved SectionSorted section_sorting:loaded section_options:loaded PreviewAdded PreviewRemoved

to be continued ...